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Paydeer Services Pvt Ltd. is a Digital Payment Platform Company established in 2021. With our excellent payment services, 2500+ distributors and more than 15000 retailers have already joined us. This number has been increasing rapidly. With this, we have registered our presence in over 125 districts.

We aim to provide a secure, reliable, and fastest online payment solution to every individual, keeping in view the digital and financial needs of the future. We are including cities and semi-urban and remote rural areas in the mainstream of economic development by connecting them with our platform.

PAYDEER provides banking and financial services at your convenience. You get the facility of A.E.P.S., B.B.P.S., Loan, Vehicle Insurance, P.A.N. Card, M-POS and Digital Wallet. On Paydeer, you can make mobile, D.T.H. recharge and rail, air and bus reservations. Along with this, you can make bill payments and cash withdrawals from anywhere through Mini A.T.M.

Why the focus on the Indian unorganized retail sector?

Undoubtedly, the person who adapts himself according to the times, keeping in mind the future needs, is prosperous. Today’s era is the digital era, and at this time, India is moving towards rapid change. The way of doing business has also entirely changed in the digital age. Today that business is overgrowing and has adopted digital facilities. 95% of India’s retail market is still functioning as an unorganized sector.

Paydeer aims to fulfill the dream of self-reliant and digital India by providing modern digital support to the unorganized sector. For this, we are making digital shopkeepers in cities, towns, and remote villages. They can increase their business by giving banking and financial services and earn more income.


What we do


On Paydeer Portal, we provide you with various business and banking services. Our associated Retailer and Distributor offer the following services-

  • Aadhar based payment service
  • Fund transfer
  • Cash deposit and payment
  • Mobile D.T.H. recharge.
  • Electricity, Gas bill payment
  • Insurance
  • Ticket booking
  • E - Tax service
  • Account opening

Our Network


Digitally delivers Paydeer services to urban, semi-urban, and remote villages necessary training and support on all services, and increase the scope of business.


To ensure the accessibility of various financial services to all sectors, provide necessary training and support on all services, and increase the scope of business.


To become a one-stop digital payment and banking point and superior distribution channel to improve India's monetization infrastructure, specifically in the unorganized retail sector.


We aim to create a digital network to become digitally self-reliant and empower even the smallest retailer.

  • Innovation: We are constantly innovating our services to deliver the best services to our users.
  • Integrity: Our motto is to provide the best services with accuracy and confidence on time.
  • Cooperation: We make special efforts to strengthen and support our relationships with our customers.

Partner With Us

At Paydeer, we welcome reputed banks and non-financial institutions. Join us and help us build a fast network to deliver quality services to our consumers.

Call us at 74282-74282
email us info@paydeer.in

How can Paydeer help?

  • Launch products and services of retail stores on the Paydeer platform.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Access to pan-India networking.
  • Increased marketing efficiency for entities.