E-tax services is a cooperative tax filing program with the IRS that allows taxpayers to file federal and state personal and business income tax returns electronically.

Along with several services, Paydeer has also provided the services of e-tax to retail stores to increase revenue and make life easier for customers through digital services.

Presently, Paydeer Retail Stores can make PAN cards for customers. Aside from that, they can earn a profit by offering advantages associated with GST online.

Paydeer Provides E-Tax Services -

  • PAN card: Pan Card is a parament account number the Indian income tax department issues India's Income Tax Department has the ability to inspect every financial transaction by using the Pan Card.

    Customers can get easily apply for pan cards from the paydeer store.

  • GST Registration: GST means (good services tax), and it applies to every single purchase of products of indirect tax for the whole country, and it is a single tax on the supply of goods and services; it is the most significant direct tax overhaul in India.

    Customers can get quickly apply for GST registration from paydeer retailers.

  • GST return: Paydeer helps you fill GST return file with all income, purchases, sales, and output GST (on sales).

  • company registration: Any person who opens a company should have a company registration. These services are available in the Paydeer Store.

  • TDS return: TDS return filling in every three months to give the income tax.it is very compulsory to fill the TDS return on time.
    Customers can get easily fill from the paydeer store.

  • ITR Return: The Income Tax Return (ITR) is a form an individual fills out for the Income Tax Department in India.

    It is used to gather information regarding the person's earnings and also the tax return that is due throughout the year, Customers can fill out the GST return form to the paydeer store.

  • DSC Certificate: DCS means (Digital Signature Certificate), and it is your electronic identity and provides high-level online payment security. paydeer store helps you can get a DSC certificate.

Benefits of Paydeer retailers from E -Tax services

  • Start with a small investment.
  • These services were made available to retailers to make all these services available to the public through their improved interface.
  • All of these services improve retailers' skills.
  • Earn more commission.

Benefits of customers from E-TAX service By Paydeer

  • Fast and secure service
  • Customer can fill all E TAX services in one place.
  • Transparent procedures for responsible handling of documents
  • Simple and accessible E-TAX services
  • Customer supported 24*7


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