Money Transfer

Money Transfer (DMT) is a digital service that can be used to send money in a few minutes to any bank account in India. A large population lives in our country, “This technological development has made it possible to lead a simple life.

The digital revolution has brought financial services and banking closer to you, even at the grocery store. Paydeer retailer shops are just a few steps away from banks and other financial services.

People have to go to the banks for cash deposits and cash withdrawals, but now they can do it through DMT services in Paydeer retail shops; this transaction option is safe and secure.

Paydeer Money Transfer Services Benefits -

  • Payment services are very simple and fast
  • Money transfers available in 365 days
  • Higher payment security
  • Safe and secure
  • Debit amount & Credited amount instant confirmation message
  • Customer supported 24*7

Paydeer Money Transfer services are available?

  1. UPI: UPI is a digital payments system connecting multiple bank accounts into one mobile app; it has various banking features, just like a money transfer.

  2. Normal DMT: Firstly, the paydeer retailer will verify your accounts, followed by a step-by-step process and transfer money to another account just like the first payment of 5000 and the final transaction of 25,000 in the same account. This is known as the normal DMT expression.

  3. Xpress DMT: Xpress DMT works just like net banking. Paydeer Retailers can send up to 10000 to their customer's accounts at a time, which is very simple and secure.

You convert your shop into a Paydeer retailer store if you are a small retailer.

If you also want to earn a good commission by providing these best services of Paydeer to the customers, then you can register by visiting the Paydeer portal.
As a local banker, you can provide customers with money transfers and other services.


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