wallet services

Wallet Services

An online wallet service is a mobile application that allows digital online payments and electricity bill transactions such as shopping bill transactions.

Paydeer provides a Wallet facility to its Retailers and Distributors, and each is assigned a Unique Wallet. This Wallet ID is attached to the mobile number, which is entirely secure. In this, retailers can add money and make payments.

Retailers/Distributors can use Paydeer wallet services to perform multiple transactions

  • Electricity Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Recharge Bill
  • Shopping Bill
  • Fast tag Bill
  • Retailers get the many services through the Paydeer wallet card

    AEPS Wallet: Retailers can transfer customer payments to their AEPS wallet using an Aadhar number and pos machine. If the retailer wants, he can add money from the AEPS wallet to his main Wallet.

    Main Wallet: Retailers can deposit money in their main Wallet by adding cash and paying for various services of Paydeer from their main Wallet. Apart from this, retailers can also transfer money from the AEPS wallet to their main Wallet.

    How to register for a paydeer wallet services?

    First, you should have a paydeer store; if you are a distributor or retailer, then only you can use a paydeer wallet.

    1. Download the application from google play store.
    2. Register your mobile number as a retailer id in the app.
    3. Link your debit/credit card or bank account to your wallet

    And then you can use it for customer transactions.

    Benefits of retailers and distributors in the Paydeer wallet

    Safe and Convenient services: Paydeer Wallet gives you the most secure service because unlocks password security before doing any transaction. You can use many types of passwords in it, including Facelock and biometric sensors, and it is so strong that they can be used by someone other than you.

    No minimum balance services: There is no need to keep money in Paydeer Wallet; this wallet can also have zero balance and will have to pay a no penalty or extra charge.

    Fast transactions:

    Multiple transactions: In the paydeer wallet, you can use multiple transactions like Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Recharge Bill, Shopping Bill, Fast tag Bill.


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