International And Domestic Money Transfer Services | Paydeer


Paydeer Fintech company provides money transfer services and many services to its customers, and retailers can now transfer their customer’s money to any place in the country.

Money transfer services have proved to be especially beneficial for the people of those areas where banking services have not expanded. The opening of the Paydeer store has brought a remarkable change in the people’s lives in these areas. Through Paydeer retailers, they can quickly transfer money to their family members, relatives, or other people.

DMT Service: The full form of DMT service is Domestic Money Transfer and it is also called DMR. Retailers provide money transfer services to their customers through Paydeer’s DMT service. A maximum amount of 25,000 can be transferred from another account through the DMT service.

Express DMT (X-DMR): Retailers can transfer money anywhere through the Express DMT service. The limit of money transfer in Express DMT service is Rs. 10000 Up to Rs 2,00,000 can be transferred from another account at a time.

Start Online Money Transfer Business

Suppose you are unemployed or want to start a new business or do any grocery, general store, eMitra, or stationery shop, then by opening a Paydeer store you can provide people with money transfer services and other banking services. Today’s time is digital, and the person who does his business by joining these services over time can rapidly increase his income.

With the Paydeer money transfer banking service, now one can act as a mini banker and send money to people through the Paydeer portal. Money transfer services are changing people’s banking experience and making life easier.

Sending money has become very easy with the Paydeer service. Now customers can do instant money transfers through their bank through IMPS and NEFT as per their requirements. The customer only needs his mobile number, bank name, account number and IFSC code.

Through Paydeer’s money transfer service, the customer can transfer money anywhere and anytime across the country. Paydeer retailers are linked with nationalised and private banks across the country, making money move extremely easy.

Benefits of Paydeer Money Transfer Service 

Instant Transfer: With Paydeer Retail Store, customers can quickly transfer their money to any bank in the country.

Secure Money Transfer Facility: The money transfer service from Paydeer is fully taken care of by security standards, so it is entirely safe.

24 Hours Facility: Banks are open only from 10 am to 6 pm, but now the customers of the Paydeer portal can transfer money anytime for 24 hours of the day.

Money transfer facility even on holidays: Banks have holidays on Sundays and other public holidays, but now retailers can also provide money transfer services on Sundays and other holidays.

Money transfer made conveniently: Now, it has become straightforward through Paydeer service, and villagers can quickly transfer money from Paydeer retail stores near them.

All Banking services: All public and private banks in the country are connected with money transfer services so that now you can transfer money from your place to anywhere in the country.

How to start a money transfer services with Paydeer

Money Transfer service with Paydeer is a very profitable opportunity for business people. First, to apply online, visit Paydeer’s online portal

On the portal, you will see the registration tab on the top screen; click on it. The registration form will appear after clicking. In this registration form, you have to fill in your name, mobile number, state, district, and Email Id. After filling in all the details, finally submit it.

After filling out the registration form, the company will contact you. After completing all the formalities related to registration, you will be given the retailers of paydeer. After this, you will be able to provide the banking and finance service of paydeer.