Paydeer Helps To Open Customers’ Bank Accounts In India

To make progress in any country, its population must be educated and economically and socially aware. A part of India remains unconnected to banking services that are essential for rapid growth.

This hinders the growth of India and Urban dwellers have access to banks which makes life easier, but for those who live in rural areas, transferring money, receiving a loan, or opening an account at the bank is full of obstacles.

Keeping these reasons, the country’s leading fintech company, paydeer has also provided the facility to open a bank account with many banking services at its store and Through the Paydeer account opening service. Any person can go to the Paydeer Store near him and choose the best bank for himself according to his convenience and open their account.

Paydeer Account Opening Services

Open Saving Account

Through Paydeer’s bank account opening service, villagers can now open their savings accounts by visiting the Paydeer store in rural areas. The process of opening a savings account is straightforward. People go to the Paydeer store with their Aadhar cards and any other documents that are needed. Paydeer stores assist customers in selecting the best bank based on the best bank interest rate and other banking facilities. This process is completed quickly, and the customer’s bank account is opened.

Benefits Of Opening A Savings Account

  • By opening a savings account, villagers can deposit their money and get good interest.
  • If you need money, you can get a loan from a bank and repay it through EMI.
  • You can also earn money in your account by sending money to family members or anyone else.
  • You can use a savings account to pay your bills such as water, electricity, gas, and mobile recharge.
  • Individuals can make digital payments through UPI PIN if they have a savings account.
  • An overdraft facility and credit card facility can be availed through a savings account. 

Open Current Account

Now any merchant can open their account with the service of Paydeer. Individuals using a current account can do regular cash transactions. There is no limit to the amount of money deposited or withdrawn. Opening a current account with a paydeer service is easy and can be completed without going to the bank. Paydeer helps open a retailer account at the store; after the process, your account gets opened. The current account’s minimum balance amount is higher than the savings account.

Benefits Of Opening A Current Account

  • With a current account, the customer can withdraw more than the deposited amount via the bank overdraft facility.
  • There are no transaction limits in the current account; people can withdraw and deposit any amount they want.
  • Lots of money can be transferred through a person’s current account.
  • There are no additional fees associated with the transaction.
  • As part of these banking facilities, many other banking facilities are available through current accounts. 

How To Avail Bank Account Opening Facility At Paydeer Store

Anyone can sign up for the Paydeer service to open a bank account. To register in Paydeer, go to Paydeer’s online portal and click on the registration button. After this, a registration form will open in which your name, mobile number, and other information will be asked for. Fill in the requested information in the blank space and finally click on the submit button. Through this whole process, your registration application will be completed.

Once you have satisfied all requirements of your Paydeer store, the organisation will contact you to discuss further procedures, as well as any other specifics relating to the registration process. you’ve been made the franchisee of Paydeer Store as well, following the opening of an account as a franchisee. you are now able to open any person’s bank account via your Paydeer Store and offer other banking and financial services.