Paydeer Next-Generation E-Ticket Booking Portal

Everyone likes to travel to new places, but booking tickets to roam around seems like a big hassle. The long line of ticket windows kills all the fun of travelling. Besides, much time is spent on finding a good hotel while travelling.

But now, we are in the era of the digital revolution, and the country’s fintech company, Paydeer has presented a one-stop solution for ticket booking through its digital service. In today’s article, we’ll learn about Paydeer services and E-ticket booking services.

Paydeer is the fastest growing Fintech company in the country, which provides various financial and banking services. Paydeer has now provided rail, bus, and flight E-ticket booking facilities at its retail stores to people all over the country to overcome the problem of ticket and hotel booking at the time of tourism.

Which E-Ticket Booking Services Will Paydeer Provide?

  1. Rail Ticket Booking: A train is a good option for travelling in India. Every day, crores of people travel by rail to reach their destination. It is natural always to have a long line to get a ticket in such a situation. But now, with the service of Paydeer, it has become straightforward to book train tickets.

    Paydeer has a tie-up with IRCTC to book tickets for various passenger, express, and special holiday trains. Retailers such as IRCTC agents can book train tickets for customers from their wallets and earn a good commission.
  2. Bus Ticket Booking: For long-distance people prefer to travel by train, but people like to travel by bus for short distances. Besides, people travel by bus even if train tickets are unavailable.

    Now retailers can also book bus tickets for their customers from the Paydeer store. Paydeer has tie-ups with major bus operators across the country so that retailers can book bus tickets for their customers at reasonable prices.
  3. Flight Tickets Booking: With Paydeer Service, it is now possible to book flights, as well as train and bus tickets. Now retailers can book national and international flight tickets for customers from the Paydeer store. At the Paydeer store, customers can book flight tickets at the best rates for themselves. These are the best options available for flight booking.
  4. Hotel Reservations: Hotel reservations are now effortless thanks to the paydeer service. Paydeer has a database of hotels across the country. Based on this, customers can choose the best hotel option for themselves and avoid unnecessary hassle during the tour.

    With the Paydeer hotel booking service, customers can get many hotel booking options and significant discounts. Here, customers can book hotel rooms at reasonable rates according to their budget and convenience.

Benefits Of Booking Tickets With Paydeer E-Ticket Booking Service

  • Tatkal Booking: Through Paydeer, retailers can book tickets for customers at any time, especially in the last moments of the journey.
  • Reasonable Price: All the tickets on paydeer are provided at a perfect cost, which benefits the customers who can use the Paydeer service for other services.
  • Easy & Secure Payment Process: Paydeer’s E-ticket booking service is very easy, and retailers can quickly book tickets for customers by pay.
  • Service Across India: Now, customers from anywhere in the country can book train, bus, and flight tickets for any destination they wish to visit. With this, you can book hotels anywhere in the country.
  • Help Desk: The Paydeer Help Desk is always ready to assist its retailers, and any issue related to the ticket booking service is resolved at the earliest.

How To Become A Paydeer E-Ticket Booking Agent

Becoming a Paydeer ticket booking agent is effortless, and any general store, grocery, e-Mitra, or other shopkeepers can provide Paydeer service at their shop. Paydeer service is reliable and secure. Retailers can increase their customers and income by earning a commission.

To become a Paydeer service provider, retailers can register online by visiting the Paydeer portal. then click Paydeer. in and click on the button for registration given on the above tab. After this, an application form will be available. You fill out all the requested information and submit it.

After submitting, you will receive a call from the company with all registration information, then completing the registration process, you can book people’s rail and flight tickets through your store and earn a good commission.